Frequently Asked CAKE Questions

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I'm interested in having GSG make me a cake! What's the first step?   Reach out! Use the inquiry form or contact page to find out if I am available for your date. You'll need to know your venue (site or reception location) and have your date finalized in order for me to confirm availability. 

How much do your cakes cost? Price is determined by size/number of servings and complexity of design. All cakes are individually priced and usually have unique, custom characteristics that determine the final cost.  The basic price for Wedding and all Tiered cakes is $6.50 per serving (price subject to change). This would include a smooth buttercream icing with simple style of decoration. More elaborate icing (such as fondant) or more detailed  decoration will add cost. GSG has a $150.00 minimum order requirement (excluding delivery fee).

Can you recommend any "budget-friendly" ideas?  I can work with almost any reasonable budget.  For a quality dessert, you should budget at least $4-5 per serving. To keep your cost as low as possible I suggest sticking with buttercream icing and simple designs.   Larger events will often have a display cake supplemented with a "back up" sheet cake.  This will, sometimes significantly, reduce the overall cost per serving.  Please ask for more info on specific pricing and budget options for your specific event. Special Occasion cake pricing is based on the size, shape, style of icing and decoration.  Please ask for more info on pricing suggestions. 

How far in advance should I book my order? It is NEVER too early to book your order! If you have your event date and location/venue  decided… book your cake!  I only accept 2-3 orders total per week, which means I book up quickly (much quicker than a larger, retail bakery would).  Summer and Fall dates usually book up by late April/early May. Off season (Winter/early Spring) are not as popular so tend to be more available. This is not to say that I don’t take last minute orders ~ of course I do! If I can fit you into the schedule, your in! But please be aware that I intentionally limit my production so that I focus on producing my best product possible, and providing excellent customer service.  All that being said, what are you waiting for? Book your cake! :) 

How do I reserve my date?  Regardless of any conversation, either by email, phone or in person… no date is officially reserved without your paid deposit. I require a signed contract with 50% reservation deposit for advanced orders, with final balance due at 2 weeks prior to your event. Last minute orders (anything less than 2 weeks) are to be paid in full at the time of order. Checks are not accepted after the “2 weeks” deadline.  Exceptions to this policy are rare... in an effort to maintain consistancy and keep bookkeeping problems to a minimum, I respectfully request the same of everyone.  If we have met for consultation and another competing inquiry should come in during your decision making time, I will contact you for “1st right of refusal” and would need your answer and commitment within a day or two to secure the date.

What payment methods to you accept?  Accepted payment methods are cash, check, credit card, Venmo (ID is: kellyobrien0212) and EFT/bank transfer (my email is: ) $25.00 return check fee.

What is your reservation deposit and payment policy? All orders require a 50% (non-refundable and non-transferable) reservation deposit to secure the date.  Final balance on all orders is payable at two weeks prior to the event.  If you are renting equipment, such as a cake stand, an additional refundable equipment deposit (if applicable) will be requested at two weeks prior. Your reservation deposit, once received, is non-refundable/transferable (meaning you can’t move it to another date or person).  As soon as your deposit is received I will then turn away any other competing inquiry for that same date/time, so you need to be sure of your commitment.   

What is your cancellation policy? Once an order has been accepted with an estimated 50% reservation deposit payment, all other inquiries for the spot reserved will be turned away. The order can be cancelled, but the deposit would be forfeited. 

I'm ready to taste! What is the procedure?  Once we've established my availability and your basic cake needs, the next step is typically the tasting.  The fee is $35, which is (upon request) refundable towards a $650 or greater order (excluding delivery fee).  The tasting will include approximately 12 random flavors (bakers choice), and will serve up to 4 if shared.  General schedule is Mon-Fri 10-4pm and Sat. 11-2pm. Saturdays are typically a longer lead time than mid-week. If you are ready for to schedule your tasting appt. please contact me.

Can I have more than one cake flavor in my tiered cake?  Yes, you can! The initial price quote will include your first standard flavor choice. An example of a standard flavor choice would be “Princess” or “Black Tie” or “Chocolate Divine”. You get the first one included. Any additional flavor choices will add a $40 per flavor cost. So, if “Princess” was your first choice, and you add just “Chocolate Divine” it will be $40 more. Also add “Black Tie” and it’s going to be $80 more.  Additionally, “premium” cake flavors add a 10% cost to that portion of the order to which it applies. An additional flavor cost PLUS a premium flavor cost can apply if that turns out to be your choice.

Can you recommend a flavor for my event?  Answering that question is a hard one… every event (and it’s variety of guests) is different! So, there is no one-perfect flavor. However, if your crowd leans more toward the simple/traditional flavors, then Princess, Pucker Up, Red Velvet, Chocolate Divine, and either Vanilla or Chocolate Cappuccino are good choices. If your crowd is full of “foodies” and gourmet-types…. By all means, try Honey Bee Mine (the signature GSG flavor), Chai Bliss, Mexican Hot Chocolate, Snickerdoodle, or Valencia. 
Kids love the Cookie Cake, of course.   If I had to serve 300 people with one choice, well, then…. Black Tie (it’s simple, but realllly good and yummy).

Does the flavor(s) I choose for the inside of my cake alter the appearance of my cake?  No, you can choose any flavor, or combination of flavors, for the inside of your cake. The icing is not effected by the inside flavor.

Will you put my fresh flowers on the cake? Yes, fresh flowers are a beautiful, and usually economical, choice for the finishing touch on your cake. I prefer the florist to provide the flowers, so that they match the rest of the floral décor, but just leave them at the cake table (in water) for me to place on the cake. You may consider requesting “organic” flowers for your cake to avoid potential pesticides. I don’t think it’s usually an issue, but some people are more sensitive to this than others. There are some flowers, such as calla lilies, that are not safe to put on the cake due to toxins and your flower choices should be discussed in advance to determine this. Sugar flowers are always a fantastic alternative to fresh if you have any concerns on this topic.

How much does “This” (insert internet found image) cake cost/feed?  If you find an inspiration cake that you want a quote on, please keep in mind that your cake made for you, it will be custom sized to number of guests you need to serve at your event. The size of a cake in a photo is not relevant, because it’s not necessarily the size YOU need. Plus, many cakes in photo shoots for magazine/print are staged and not a real-life size.  In asking this question, please also provide info on how many guests you will need to serve so that a more accurate answer can be provided.

Can I provide an inspiration cake design I found off the internet, magazine, etc.? Yes, of course! We all love surfing the internet (Pinterest, especially!) for design inspiration. If you find a cake you love by another designer, please feel free to provide it as a tool to show me what you like… but, keep in mind, that to honor the original artists work, some details should be altered to make the cake your own. Whenever possible the original artist’s inspiration cake should be credited as well.

Do you make cakes for same-sex weddings? Sigh.... honestly, I thing it's kind of sad that this is even question someone might feel they need to ask.  But, it's asked often enough that it needs to be addressed. 

Short answer: YES! 

Long answer: I am in the business of making cakes for celebrations. All kinds of celebrations! I'm honored and thrilled to be a part of what ever YOU are celebrating!  GSG does not discriminate and welcomes ALL equally! I hope that some day, soon!, this will not be a topic that even crosses someones mind.  

How far in advance is my cake made? Typically, the production process starts about 3-4 days prior to your event. Designs with more elaborate decoration time may be started earlier, and some external decorative details may be started well in advance.  Your cake is never frozen, and is guaranteed to be fresh on your wedding day.

Do you offer gluten/allergen free, sugar free, or vegan cakes?  No, at this time I do not. I have not found gluten, sugar free or vegan cake recipes that I consider of good enough quality to want to put my name on. I recommend going to a specialty baker for these needs.  Additionally, allergens such as nut, soy, dairy, wheat, egg, etc. are all part of my regular cake menu ingredients and may come into contact with any other ingredient or equipment during production. I cannot offer or guarantee any allergen-free product at this time.  If you have a guest with special dietary needs I recommend getting a small dessert option from a specialty bakery for them to enjoy. It may not be necessary to base your entire cake order on the needs of just a few guests.

Can I pick up my cake? My preference is that ALL CAKES ARE DELIVERED… The reason for this is that in the event of (bite your tongue!) damage to the cake during transportation/set up I am able to address the issue onsite. If you opt to pick up your cake, you'll be advised of best transportation practices and advice, but GSG cannot be liable for it's safe arrival.

Delivery fees are usually between $25.00 - $175.00, and includes the safe transportation and set up of your cake (including flowers, toppers, simple table decoration)...and is highly recommended


Do you ship your cakes?  Well, no… I’ve not been able to find any postal carrier who would take the time to carry your cake with the same care that I do from my door to yours (wherever that may be) with the same thought and care that I would do it with… so, no.   If, however, you want to buy 2 plane tickets to “anywhere” (one seat for me, one for the cake), well, then… let’s talk.

 How far will you deliver a cake?  Most of the cakes I do are locally delivered… meaning, within the San Francisco Bay area (most of those being in the East Bay), but I regularly deliver to the Napa Valley, Monterey/Half Moon Bay area, Tri-Valley, Greater Sacramento region… even Lake Tahoe! 

How long can my cake be on display and can it be outdoors? Your cake is meant to be displayed in a moderate (cool room temperature) climate, and sheltered from direct sunlight, debris, etc. The typical display time for an indoor cake is several hours, sometimes up to 4 or 5, and your cake is designed to withstand normal conditions. Buttercream is made from... you guessed! BUTTER! and, butter melts easily. Generally, i like to say, if the room conditions are comfortable for people (dressed in formal attire) it's probably ok for the cake too.  If you have other conditions, such as no air conditioning at your venue or want to display your cake outdoors, some exceptions should be considered. For example, a fondant icing will offer more protection against elements than buttercream icing. Or, if your event is outdoors, perhaps displaying the cake for a short time only would be a good decision.  Please ask regarding your specific set up.

How can I preserve my left over cake or anniversary tier? leftover cake will store very well IF preserved properly. If you intend to eat within a few days should be promptly covered with plastic wrap and refrigerated.  Sometime, though not always, couple save the top tier for their first anniversary. The tier should be frozen immediately (unwrapped), then once solid you can wrap it in several layers of plastic wrap, or even use a vacuum wrapper to seal it.  It will keep well for a year if kept at a constant frozen temperature and protected from air circulation. When you want to eat it, unwrap it while frozen, then thaw in the fridge for 1-2 days. 

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